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United Flavour’s latest release Música Con Conciencia is a lively and dynamic blend of reggae, dancehall, hip hop and afrobeat, styles that have always defined United Flavour’s captivating music. The band is renowned for its originality and innovative sound, and this time is no exception. The album is further spiced up with other genres such as trap, creating a unique and captivating record. The album launch will take place at Prague’s popular Lucerna Music Bar on 23 October 2024. The new album is now available on all streaming platforms.

The music of United Flavour is powerful not only because of its original style but also due to the deep messages contained in the lyrics. The title of the new album, Música Con Conciencia, which translates to Conscious Music, perfectly captures this ethos. The songs carry messages of Love, Peace, Unity, the triumph of Good over Evil, and the Strength to face challenging times, all guided by the One Love philosophy that is at the heart of United Flavour’s music.

The charismatic and unique voice of lead singer Sista Carmen is complemented by a number of talented international artists. “We are honoured to have musicians like Balik from Danakil, Raphael, UCee, Nironic, Cocoman, and Pokyman from Media Banana, who previously collaborated with us on the hit Candela from our last album Here To Stay. Each brought their own style and great energy to the record,” reveals Sista Carmen.